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Quik Pharma is an online connectivity platforms in Healthcare care sector, related to Medicines dispensing & distribution, doctors appointments and diagnostic services, hospitals access to suppliers etc. This product is launched in this series is a technological innovation to redefine Medicines dispensing and distribution network in India and also to provide seamless connecti...vity to consumers to the nearby pharmacies for their daily needed medicines. MedLynx Solutions has done detailed studies and in depth researches regarding the products they are planning to launch and assessed the scopes and potentials. There are a lot of inquisitive enquires and interests among medical distributors and chemists regarding the connectivity Platform whomever the company has introduced this concept.


Your single source of wholesale medical supplies, lab equipment and post-acute care medical supplies.


Pharmaceutical distribution chain goes from Manufactures to Distributors to Chemists to Patients


providing quality service to customers through our technology

About Us

MedLynx Solutions is a Private Limited company, incorporated on August 21st, 2020 under Companies Act 2013 of India. The registered office of the company is at 7/382-1, Krishna Nagar, L.N. Puram, Palakkad - 678 005. The company is promoted by pharma industry veterans Mr Sabu P N & Mr Rajeev Ankarath in technology partnership with leading IT platform development company Frugal Scientific Pvt Ltd represented by it's director Kiran Valsan. All three shareholders are Directors of the company and are wholly engaged in the company activities. MedLynx Solutions Pvt Ltd is developing online connectivity platforms in Healthcare care sector, related to Medicines dispensing & distribution, doctors appointments and diagnostic services, Hospitals access to suppliers etc.


‘QuikPharma’ is a powerful tool in networking the Pharmaceutical manufacture to distributors, distributor to Chemists and Chemist to Consumers.

This business model comprises of two modules of online dispensing and distribution of Medicines. One module is a web and mobile app based networking of pharmacies with the pharmaceutical distributors which enables the smooth distribution of medicines. The other module provides the connectivity of consumers to local Pharmacies for easy access of their medicines and other healthcare products through the same mobile app.

Mobile app

Distributor portal


Currently, e-Pharmacy is at its nascent stage in India, but like other categories, it has the potential to be a very large industry segment in the near future. Factors driving the demand include rising number of people with unmet medical needs due to large population and increasing penetration of the Internet across societies. It is expected that the e-Pharmacy model could account for 5-15% of the total domestic Pharma sales in India.

Benefits of e-Pharmacy model

  • Increased Convenience :

    Consumers would be able to order medicines in a convenient manner from their mobile phones or computers. This will significantly help patients who are old and sick and not in a condition to go out to find a pharmacy. This is also pertinent with the increasing nuclear family concept, working couples, increasing number of elderly population, and urban development in the periphery of the metro cities.

  • With the use of technology and access to inventory of multiple stores at a time, e-Pharmacies can aggregate supplies, making otherwise-hard-to-find medicines available to consumers across the country. Retail pharmacies can only keep a limited inventory, resulting in the consumer having to visit multiple stores to procure the medicines. e-Pharmacies also enable access to rural areas where there is limited presence of retail pharmacy.

  • e-pharmacies extends discounts to their customers.

  • Customers can make the payments of their purchases through online methods offer safety and convenience.

  • All medicine purchases are digitally stored making it easy to track the supply chain, thereby decreasing the risk of counterfeit medicines, drug abuse, and self-medication.


The company has three directors, Mr. Rajeev Ankarath, Mr. Sabu P. N and Mr. Kiran Valsan.

Rajeev Ankarath

Operation Director

35 years of experience in Pharma and Medical Devices industries concerned with product promotions, Clinical projects and data handling, Distributors management and establishing distribution networks etc.

Sabu P. N

Sales and marketing Director

More than 20 years experience in sales and marketing of Medical Devices, Diagnostic Drugs and Medical Consumables.

Kiran Valsan

Technology Director

IT Professional and a serial technology entrepreneur who is passionate about building scalable and sustainable technology startup’s through a co-create model.



MedLynx Solutions Private Ltd 7/382-1, Krishna Nagar, L.N. Puram, Palakkad, Kerala - 678 005



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